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Kerry Stutzman helps find peace within ourselves and our families
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This pandemic is stressing our sense of well-being.

Online therapy and parenting classes can help.

Meet Kerry

Meet Kerry

Kerry is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Parenting instructor. Mother of three. Stepmother of three. Human in relentless pursuit of living FULLY ALIVE.

Kerry has given hundreds of presentations to thousands of parents and worked individually with hundreds more. She has been featured as a “Parenting Expert” on TV and radio shows and was selected to present at the 2020 International Family Therapy Association in Basel, Switzerland.

Kerry weaves together therapy, parenting skills, humor, and compassion to build strong family connections.

They say…

  • Kerry created a comfortable environment where everyone feels okay to share and ask questions. She presents material in an interesting way. She does a great job of monitoring time and tailoring class to what was useful and relevant to us. Great job of answering questions, but keeping class focused.
    - A & J

    A & J

  • "I’m definitely a happier parent! My time with my kids has become more enjoyful and valuable."


  • "I feel more confident! Because of that, I enjoy my child more and have more fun."

    Mother of 17 month old

  • "After taking the class, I feel I can remain mature and not fall to my child’s level of anger and frustration."


  • "Kerry was very open, warm, accepting."

    Mother and Preschool Teacher

  • “Kerry has spoken some of the most inspirational, helpful and practical advice I’ve heard in years!  Thank you!” 

    Christine, mother of 2 daughters 3 & 5 years old

  • “I really liked how Kerry was open to all different parenting styles and needs during the class.  She was able to hear from everyone and I felt connected to her and the other people in the class”

    Mother of 3

  • “I appreciated that Kerry’s a parent herself and uses these techniques.  She was able to tell us what works and what doesn’t, which made the class feel authentic.”


  • “Kerry helped me understand how to approach situations differently and be more patient.  She opened my eyes to a new and more peaceful way of parenting” 


  • “Kerry makes the parenting ideas come alive by sharing her experiences with her 3 kids, and giving us concrete examples of how to handle tough situations.”

    Father of toddler

What Are Connected Families Like?

  • Everyone feels seen and connected
  • Internal sense of calm
  • Living in sync with family’s values
  • Same-page parenting
  • People can relax around each other
  • Imperfection is embraced
  • Solid adult relationships
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Past wounds are healed
  • Anger is not out of control
  • People own their part
  • Playfulness and laughter


 Do you feel FULLY ALIVE? Do you laugh from your belly and sob from the depths of your heart?

Being FULLY ALIVE means honoring the full range of our feelings without numbing parts of ourselves. 

Living FULLY ALIVE means embracing our imperfections.


Our children: we love them SO much.

There is nothing like parenting when it comes to being wonderful and maddening at the same moment.

Kerry Stutzman founded Head & Heart Parents to help parents navigate the complicated maze of raising emotionally healthy children.

If you are an imperfect parent who loves your kids, this is the place for you.


Kerry’s favorite audience is parents; her favorite topic is parenting. She entertains with real-life stories, touches hearts and teaches practical strategies for strengthening family closeness.

Parents find themselves inspired to BE the parents they want their kids to have.

If you are looking for a speaker, either in-person (someday!) or virtual, find out if Kerry is the right fit for your event.

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