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Parent Coach

Amy Cobb - Parent Coach

Parenting is my favorite topic!

No one tells you about children: why they do what they do, what they should be doing and how to get them to stop doing what you don’t want them to do.

Parent Education can go a long way in helping you guide your child into appropriate behavior while maintaining a healthy and connected relationship.  

Our visits will provide you with tangible tips, tools and practical responses that deliver results.  Every behavior your child displays is communication and I can help decipher what your child is telling you so you can respond positively and appropriately.  Most unproductive patterns of behavior are rooted in miscommunication. Once we clear up the misunderstanding, calmness enters and fun returns.

As an experienced Parent Coach, I specialize in working with parents and caregivers with children from cradle to college, with special focus from birth – 10 years old.  My coaching style is for parents who are ready to acquire great resources and be the strong parent they were meant to be.  I believe every family can be connected, respectful and happy.  Through understanding child development and appropriate parenting strategies – there can be peace that is steeped in strength. 

Do you find yourself in daily power struggles with your child?

Do you ever worry that your child might not be on track developmentally? 

Do you strive to be a more present parent?

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My story begins with a search for knowledge. I was blessed with two children in three years and quickly realized how much I didn’t know about parenting. That began my journey to strengthen my knowledge base of child development and parenting strategies. Now, 20 years later, I have learned a lot, grown a lot, gone back to school and now fully understand how important knowledge is in the parenting journey. I want to share what I have learned – simple yet significant ideas that will make your relationship with your child stronger and better.   

Parenting is already overwhelming. Strained by family dynamics, power struggles and misaligned goals can lead to more stress and anxiousness throughout the family unit.  Through a combination of parent education, coaching, and parent-child interaction, I provide easy-to-implement strategies to help you address issues without adding more to your plate. 

My Education and Credentials:

  • Master of Science, Family and Human Development

  • BA in Communications

  • IMH-E® (II) Infant Mental Health Endorsement

  • Independent Facilitator of Love and Logic® curricula

  • Circle of Security Facilitator

  • Incredible Years Preschool Parenting Program Facilitator

  • Certified ‘Parents as Teachers’ Home Visitor

  • Parent Educator with Jefferson Center for Mental Health

  • Supporting families for over 15 years

Life is busy.  Children often long for those moments of connectedness that are challenging for parents to provide.  We will work together to strengthen the parent-child attachment and enhance positive behaviors.  This can include ‘special time’ and productive child-led play.  Healthy, strong parent-child attachment results in confident, resilient children.  These are children who grow up to engage, love, and care for the world around them.

“There are no bad kids – just impressible, conflicted young people wrestling with impulses and emotions trying to communicate their feelings and needs the only way they know how.”  

– Janet Lansbury

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