Boys: Some Things Never Change

Boys: Some Things Never Change

Some things DO change as boys grow up: they learn to tie their own shoes, use the potty and cut their own meat. But some things never change. Today, walking in Boston after looking at colleges, my 17 year old was a bit grumpy and in a hurry to get back to the hotel for a nap.

Suddenly we heard a high performance engine and saw a candy apple red Ferrari 458 Italia drive by. (I had to be told what it was.) To me, it was a cool car. Period. But my boy? I glanced at him and his just-a-minute-ago-grumpy-face sported a huge smile! Just from seeing that fancy car drive by! He wasn’t driving it. He hadn’t even touched it. Just hearing it and seeing it was a enough of an awe-inspiring event to brighten his mood and his face.

When Keaton was two, every time he saw a big truck, he used to point and say excitedly, “Mommy, tuktuk, tuktuk!!” Seeing my sweet little toddler pop up out of the 6’1″ frame he is tucked away in was so adorable that it brought tears to my eyes.

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