Bridge the Gap

Discuss objectives and key findings

Kerry Stutzman

Marriage & Family Therapist. Parenting Educator. Mother.

Anabelle Adams

Nursing student at University of Chicago Illinois.

Maggie Wright

Rising senior at Emory University studying Art History and business. Research advisor.

Haley Hammond

Heather Rynders

2019 Arapahoe H.S. graduate. Ministry Intern at Red Rocks Community Church.

Vara Tummala

2019 graduate of Arapahoe H.S. Headed to the University of Arizona.

Amada Brice

2020 University of Denver graduate in biology. Headed to UCD Anschutz for Master of Public Health in epidemiology.


  • Feel shut out by your teen?
  • Worried how they are doing?
  • Want a closer family but not sure how?
  • Family members feel misunderstood?


Bring Kerry to your organization, church, or school to discuss the Bridge the Gap Project.