The Car Sanctuary

So often while driving, my kids would fall asleep and I found that to be a quiet peaceful time. So, I decided to make my car my sanctuary.

Finding “Yes” Time To Play With Your Kids

When my five-year-old goddaughter wants to build a fort and play dollhouse, I say yes! To heck with making dinner for the teenagers; they had to fend for themselves last night. But back when it was my five-year-old sons wanting to build forts and play “smashing...

Dear Kerry: “Bed Rest with a Toddler”

Dear Kerry,I am on very strict bed rest with my second pregnancy and only allowed to be up 5-10 minutes total per day.  I have a house under construction, a working husband, and an active 19 month old.  What do I do?  Help! Bed Rest with a Toddler?! Dear Bed Rest with...