Don’t Make This Mistake

Do you ever find yourself trying to hide what’s presumptively “wrong” with your kids or your families? If so, Oh Honey, believe me when I say…you’re not alone.

Perhaps you have a screaming, whining, demanding four-year-old. 

It’s so common for parents to go under their rock and assume that something is wrong with their kid, their parenting, or themselves. But what if we could come out of hiding and own the reality of life with young children? Wouldn’t it have been helpful if you heard moms with older kids talking about how their kids were also once sensitive, demanding, and tough?
I wish that moms (and dads) could be more open about sharing these truths so others can discover that—yes, they’re totally normal. But, unfortunately, the majority of us don’t share these things. Instead, we worry. We hide. And, in turn, the next generation of parents comes along and also feels inadequate, worried, and alone.
What do you wish they would have told you about being a parent? Let’s not make the same mistake by keeping your truths to yourself.

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