Family Therapy

Got kids? Family therapy is a powerful way to have open, connecting, and productive conversations.

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In family therapy, we’ve seen parents and kids have transformative, heart-opening experiences where everyone gets to be seen and known for what is really going on with them. The conversation is “safe” because someone is there to guide it.

Genuine, open connection between parents and their kids often doesn’t come easily, but it is certainly worth the effort. Kerry, Athena, Brett and Debbie are passionate about parents and children having good communication. But we parents can’t barge into our kids’ inner worlds and demand that they share with us. If we prove we can handle our kids’ truth, maybe they will trust us enough to share a peek inside their hearts.

Distressing family dynamics can interfere with the functioning of every family member. When there is family conflict, the tension can impact everyone’s mental and physical health and relationships. Family problems do not have to be severe to warrant therapy.

As a result of therapy, families can expect a better understanding, more effective communication, and reduction of dysfunctional patterns.

Family therapy can be done with kids mature enough for talk therapy all the way up to adult kids with aging parents.