“Is It Really OK To Say ‘No’ To My Child?”

In the mid 1960’s a few parenting “experts” began to question whether we ought to say this word to our children.

Some worried that it would damage kids’ self-concepts. Others seemed concerned that it would stifle creativity.

Kids need to hear “No” from time to time.

Listed below are some practical guidelines:
•  Say “No” only when you can back it up with meaningful actions.
•  When we say “no” without holding our children accountable, we teach them that “no” really means “yes.”
•  Say “No” only when you can do so without anger and frustration.
•  Kids love to challenge us just to see our face turn red!
•  Say “No” only when it doesn’t rob your child of a good learning experience.
•  If a child is about to do something that’s not dangerous…but will backfire for them…it’s often wiser to allow them to learn from their mistake instead of saying “No.”

“No” is a critically important parenting tool that wears out if it’s used too often. Save it for times it’s really needed.

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Energy Drain: Consequences for Children

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