I’ve been peer pressured!

Last night when I was out with girlfriends, my friend pressured me into a pact that I knew I couldn’t/shouldn’t say “no” to.

We agreed that if we can both go TEN days without looking at our phones while our cars are in motion, we get to go dress shopping together. Dang, what was I thinking??

Oh ya…. that I want to live. And I don’t want to destroy anyone else’s life, either. This is gonna be tough.

Sometimes we’ve gotta call BS on ourselves

When I look in the mirror, I see wrinkles and puffiness around my eyes, sun spots, and barely existent eyebrows. I see jowls in the making and the neck of an older woman. Despite these physical manifestations, I love being in my 50s—and I don’t want to spend time or...

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New Parenting Class

My new online course is opening soon and I am so excited! It is the best, most comprehensive parenting course I have ever offered.

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Your job is to become a better parent than those who raised you