When Punishment Leads To: “I Don’t Care”

Lisa was just about at the end of her patience with little Freddie. He was at that age where he was testing her constantly, and now he was at it again.

He had been told many times not to tease the cat. In fact, she had threatened all sorts of dire consequences if he did. But alas, here he was teasing the cat in spite of her warnings and threats.

It was at this point that she finally realized that threats and warnings are a waste of time. She would have to take action with the Love and Logic “Uh, Oh Song.”

She whisked Freddie off to his room and told him that she would see him when he was sweet. In the true tradition of the strong-willed child, Freddie didn’t cry or whine, he shouted through the door, “I don’t care. I like it when I have to stay in my room! So there!”

Stymied for a moment, Lisa remembered a line from her Love and Logic book and shouted through the door, “That’s great, Sweetie. Now we’re both happy.”

As she proudly walked away, she thought to herself. “This is great. No anger, no lecture, no threats, and I think I’m going to use that line many times before he’s grown.”

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