“Micro moments” are the key to holiday happiness

Have a lot on your plate this week? Feeling stressed about what it takes to create holiday joy for your family?

Here’s a quick tip from a seasoned mom: find micro-moments to be good to yourself.

For example, before your feet hit the floor in the morning, pop in your earbuds and listen to a song you love. Close your eyes and soak in having a couple minutes dedicated to your own joy.

Drink coffee or tea on the go? JUST. SIT. DOWN for a couple minutes. Pause and set your intention for how you’re gonna show up today. Remember why you’re doing all this: feel how much you love your kids. Feel what your holidays mean to you. Look around: maybe there’s messiness in your house.  But that mess means your kids are alive. They are home. You get this privilege of being their parent. However imperfect your life is, there are parts worth savoring. Breathe in. Notice what you see, hear, smell and feel.

Shower time? Something so simple as lighting a candle and putting on your favorite music transforms a daily task into a joy point.

At bedtime, can you name three points of joy you had during the day?

All this busy-busy-busy stuff we do is for a higher purpose, right? Like wanting our kids to grow up with memories of secure, happy family times. We provide that best when we radiate it from ourselves. So I invite you to find micro-moments throughout these coming days to remember your WHY and feel the love for your family.


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