Out with the old, in with the new

Happy New Year!!

Right now, you have a clean slate for 2022. Raising kids is forever a moving target with so much for us to learn as parents. It takes a lot to show up as loving adults some days, don’t you think? The new year can be a great time for “out with the old, in with new” when it comes to how we parent. Now, I’m not talking about bullying yourself about parenting imperfections. No one gets it right all the time.

Here is what I’m practicing this year:


  1. Celebrate: List something you can give yourself credit for improving as a parent. Do not skip this part! Come on, say it out loud. Tell a friend. Or email me.  Just be sure to acknowledge it.
  2. “Out with the old”: Name one parenting trait you’d like to leave behind in 2021. If this trait is a tough one to drop, it may be deeply rooted and require some deeper work on yourself.
  3. “In with the new”: Name a trait you’d like to grow in 2022. What part of you wants to come more to life? Is it playfulness? Calm? Being present? Whatever it is, write down something that you want to bring more of to your family life.

To really make a change, I’ve found that I need to speak my intentions out loud to someone. I need to write it on sticky notes and post them around the house. I need to put reminders in my phone to check in on my good intentions. If I don’t, it just ends up just being a nice idea that never happens. It takes effort to make shifts.

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See you on the inside with love and laughter,

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