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5 powerful steps to break the cycle of reactive parenting and create more joyful family connections


The most comprehensive parenting course available
for creating a connected and loving family through effective parenting
skills, self-awareness, and healthy adult relationships


Kerry Stutzman

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As a Parentologist, Therapist, and Mom, I’m convinced it takes way more than just parenting skills to create a connected, healthy, successful family where our children can thrive and grow into adults who make this world a better place. I’ve worked with so many parents who question their parenting and feel worried about not doing it “right.” I’ve seen couples afraid they are ruining their children with their conflicting parenting styles. I’ve worked with couples losing their “spark” after years of devotion to parenting and neglect of their marriage.

To address this, I’ve created something more comprehensive than just another parenting class. Parenting Without Losing Your Mind is not only said tongue in cheek. It’s for real… parents feel like they’re going to “lose it,” they’re tapped out, overwhelmed, like they’re drowning. The quest to stay in a good headspace is no joke.

It takes more than just parenting skills to build a great family that stays close through the decades. It takes self-work to manage the worry, guilt, and anger involved in being a grown-up raising children. And it takes a lot of skill to keep love alive with a partner during the intense years of parenting.

So in this brand-new course, I’m teaching my favorite parenting skills PLUS my favorite self-growth skills PLUS my top shelf relationship skills.


You’re a motivated, dedicated parent with no shortage of determination to parent well and raise great kids who will be good humans, ready for the real world.

It is for you whether you’re…

a stay-at-home parent focusing all your high-achieving, educational and professional attention onto the well-being of these adorable yet mystifying little tyrants children living in your house.

a working parent, single or coupled, who is trying to “do it all” and feeling like none of it is going great.

a mom or dad who expected parenting to be a lot more fun and imagined yourself and your partner on a romantic adventure raising a family together… and finding it’s anything BUT romantic.

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how “Parenting Without Losing Your Mind” will give you the skills, inspiration and unparalleled support on your journey to creating and enjoying a peaceful, playful, connected family.


By the end of this program, you will have:

Shifted from being reactive and uncertain in your parenting to calm and connected when correcting your children. 

Transformed your family from chaotic and disconnected to everyone feeling seen, known and valued. 

Developed effective strategies for the common parenting challenges, including bedtimes, mornings, power struggles and tantrums.

Crafted plan for not losing yourself while being a dedicated parent. 

Implemented realistic strategies for keeping love alive during these intense years of parenting. 

Established the value of playfulness as a key ingredient in love and family. 

Started the shift from “yeller to stellar” parenting.


I will have a new class starting soon.


Classes fill up quickly.


I have presented on parenting over 300 times to more than 3700 parents.

Here’s what some have said after my classes:

  • “Kerry had a very warm delivery; personable, and tried-and-true. Wonderful content delivered in a transparent way. Held my attention!”

    -Mother of girl, 3

  • We love that you gave us things to implement right away, it made us feel very hopeful, and we are thankful for that and for you.

    Emma, mom of boys 8 and 6

  • Kerry created a comfortable environment where everyone feels okay to share and ask questions. She presents the material in an interesting way. She does a great job of monitoring time and tailoring class to what was useful and relevant to us. Great job of answering questions, but keeping the class focused.

    Annie and Jake, parents of teenage girls

  • "I’m definitely a happier parent! My time with my kids has become more enjoyful and valuable."

    Mother of boy 5 and girl 3

  • "I feel more confident! Because of that, I enjoy my child more and have more fun."

    Mother of 17 month old

  • "After taking the class, I feel I can remain mature and not fall to my child’s level of anger and frustration."

    Mother of eleven year old girl

  • “Kerry has spoken some of the most inspirational, helpful and practical advice I’ve heard in years!  Thank you!” 

    Christine, mother daughters 3 & 5 years old

  • “I really liked how Kerry was open to all different parenting styles and needs during the class.  She was able to hear from everyone and I felt connected to her and the other people in the class”

    Mother of 3 year old

  • “I appreciated that Kerry’s a parent herself and uses these techniques.  She was able to tell us what works and what doesn’t, which made the class feel authentic.”


  • “Kerry helped me understand how to approach situations differently and be more patient.  She opened my eyes to a new and more peaceful way of parenting” 




The Little Things are the Big Things

In this module, we’re going to get real and be honest about the struggles so that no one feels alone or weird for finding it challenging to do so much adulting.


You’re going to get on the fast track to connecting before correcting. You’ll learn what a difference the little things can make.


Straight out of the chute, you’ll be introduced to some quick, easy-to-implement, practical strategies for finding little joy points and not losing yourself.


If you’re coupled, you’re gonna love the “little things” presentation about keeping love alive, even while raising children. Note: if you’re not interested in the “Partner” sections, you can skip them. Or you might find them valuable even if you’re a single parent.



Connect before correct

Think differently about self-care

Little things go a long way in keeping love alive


Yeller to stellar parenting.

Stop repeating.

No more “Shoulding” on yourself.


And one of my favorites – weaving playfulness through it all.


Who’s In Charge?

I can’t tell you how many therapy and parent coaching clients I work with who talk about their kids running the show. In this module, you will discover how to be firm and actually be the grown-up in the house while staying loving and kind. This applies to your parenting, your self-talk, and your relationship.


Want to stop repeating yourself? Want to shift from a yeller to stellar parent? Want your kids to do what you ask them to without having to repeat yourself ad infinitum? You’ll learn great alternatives to barking commands that get ignored. We’ll study what happens to our kids’ brains when we get fired up and mad over their misbehavior.


Is your inner critic running the show inside your head? What if you could stop “Shoulding”on yourself? This module is where you get on the fast-track to inner calm.


Setting limits while being loving, checking the critic, having healthy boundaries – they all go a long way towards keeping love alive. And… Ya gotta bring playfulness to the party! It’s how kids learn. Humor is the lubricant on a marriage’s gears..



Wired for Connection

Old-school parenting leads to getting mad when our kids misbehave. In our anger, we end up feeling disconnected from those we love the most. We want to feel close and connected! I’m a family therapist and my happy place is teaching parents how to create a loving, connected family.


We start with emotionally healthy ways to respond to kids’ tantrums and protests. You’ll map out a strategy to “connect before correct.”


Keeping yourself in a good state of mind starts first and foremost with knowing how you feel and what you need… and then doing something about it.


I CAN’T WAIT to teach you my favorite skill for staying connected to your loved one. It’s all about connection, which is what we all crave, and science backs this up.



Connect before correct.

What do you need now?

The sweetest of connections with your partner.


Calming down predictable “trouble spots” during the day.

Redefine the source of your well-being.

Same-page parenting.


A Calm Mind Takes Practice

So many of the well-intentioned, motivated parents I work with share how frustrating it is to show up as a grumpier parent and partner than they intend to be. As a couples and family therapist, we all adopt coping strategies that served us well when we were little, but by adulthood, they cause pain. Changing patterns takes practice. This week, you’ll be able to name some of the patterns going on in your family life and start charting a different course.


Mornings and bedtimes drive you nuts? Help your kids build more “muscle” for peaceful bedtimes and mornings.


Do you tend to ride the waves of your kids’ moods? I’m excited to teach you how to get off that train and redefine the source of your well-being.


Let’s work on same-page parenting! If your partner drives you nuts, it probably makes sense. You’re probably in a pattern that’s not working. It’s changeable. Tune in!



Fully Alive!!

OK, we’re still living in a pandemic, and many of us feel “flatter” than normal. Stressors on parents are higher than ever. I get it cuz I’m living it, too. But living FULLY ALIVE is possible in any situation. Feeling it all, laughing from your belly, loving down to the tips of your toes, knowing what to do with the rougher emotions….. it’s all part of being FULLY ALIVE.


I will fine-tune this module based on your feedback about what you want more of. If you didn’t get it earlier in the course, we can cover it here.


What brings you to life? Have you lost parts of yourself? Modeling living fully alive is good for our children and good for us.


Sometimes in our quest to be a good partner, we lose sight of who we are. Is it possible to be all of who you are in your relationship? Let’s talk about how! And do you have a plan to be a family that plays together through a lifetime?



Chance to cover anything that got missed earlier


My favorite: living FULLY ALIVE!

I’ve been teaching in-person Love and Logic™ classes for 20 years.

Parents’ favorite parts are:

  • Learning strategies that make their families calmer and better.
  • Real-life stories that teach and entertain.
  • Talking with other parents and realizing they’re not alone in the craziness.
  • Q&A with the instructor

Now that I’m going online, I’m making sure that the best parts of these successful parenting courses are built into this program.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 5 weeks, you can tune in to Kerry’s live presentations about parenting skills, self-awareness, and relationship skills. You can participate real-time or learn at your own pace.

what you get

How it is presented:


15 live, interactive presentations on parenting, self, and partnership

5 weeks, 5 modules with 3 lessons each.


Private Facebook group with other parents

Course participants support each other in a private FB group moderated by Kerry.


Parent Accountability Pods

You will be able to be part of an accountability group with other parents of your choosing. You can keep each other accountable, share your successes and cheer each other on.


Additional resources

You will receive exercises, journal prompts and handouts. (“Handouts”… funny term since I can’t actually “hand out” any papers to you. :))

You’ll have access to one module per week so that you have ample time to dive into the lessons and execute that portion of the course BEFORE moving onto the next. I do this to protect your time, attention and focus while sparing you from the intense overwhelm that stops most family transformers in their tracks.

and something more

The Bonuses

These bonuses will help you generate unstoppable momentum (and keep it up) in transforming your parenting, self, and marriage into the close and connected family you desire.

Bonus 1

Live Q&A sessions with me 4 days per week for all 5 weeks of the course. That’s 20 opportunities for us to talk and for you to get YOUR questions answered!

That’s 5 weeks of Live 20-30 minute Q&A sessions from Monday – Thursday with me inside the private FB group for members only:

An active and highly supportive Facebook community with fellow students and yours truly to make sure you get unstuck and maintain your sanity and sense of humor while raising your children.

A space to overcome isolation and refill your motivation tank by connecting with other dedicated parents who “get” it and are in it with you.

Bonus 2

Sanity Savers Mini-Class

6 quick tips for practical, realistic strategies to weave a little self-care into your day without taking you away from your kids.

Most parents find parenting challenging in ways they never expected. So many are surprised at how tough it is to show up as the loving, gracious parent they want to be for their children. Fortunately, there are some simple tips and strategies that Kerry has learned as a mom and therapist. In this mini-class, you will learn surprisingly simple skills that you can use today to preserve your sanity, “fill your cup” and have a little more fun during the intense years of raising children.

Bonus 3

6 Steps to End Misbehavior Mini-Class

When it comes to misbehavior, many parents put their focus on the behavior they DON’T want. This video mini-class and downloadable PDF outline my process for redefining how we see problematic behavior and turn it into an opportunity to teach.

Classes fill up quickly.  I will have a new class starting soon.

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Plus, You’ll Be Backed by a Risk-Free 14-day Guarantee

Let me say this upfront:

Parenting Without Losing Your Mind is a comprehensive, affordable program for transforming yourself from frustrated and uncertain to calm and confident as you create the best version of your family possible.

I have been parenting for 25 years, teaching parenting classes for 20 years, and working with parents in therapy and coaching for 13 years. I feel confident that if you participate fully and practice the new skills I’ll be teaching, you will see results.

Here’s the guarantee:

By the end of the first 14 days the course is running, you’ll have received access to the first two modules.

Meaning you’ll have had the opportunity to watch the bonus mini-courses, participate in six presentations, 8 live Q&A discussions, find an accountability pod and complete the downloadable exercises.

If you don’t feel confident that you are receiving something of value, simply reach out, show me you’ve put in the work, and I’ll refund your investment.

Full details here


The questions you may want to ask

When does this course happen?

This course begins on Monday, February 8, 2021 For 5 weeks, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:00 MST, I’ll be presenting live. Mondays will be for 45-50 minutes. Wednesdays and Fridays will be 30 minutes. 4 days/week at various times, you’ll be able to tune in for FB Live Q&A sessions in the private FB community. You’ll be able to download handouts and transcripts as they are available.

What if I have to miss a class?

This is a self-paced class. You are invited to watch each class live, but it’s no problem if you have to miss.. You’ll have access to all course recordings and other materials on the class website.  You can work on this course at whatever pace is best for you.

When does the course expire?

Never! You have access for the life of the course. You can even opt to retake the course any time it is taught – for free!  And you’ll have access to the private FB Group for as long as you want.

Can I ask parenting questions?

Yes! 4 days per week for the 5-week course, I will be live on FB, answering questions. You’ll have a link where you can submit parenting questions and I will answer them.  You will also have a parenting pod. This is a small group of parents for you to talk with and cheer each other on in upgrading your parenting skills.

My kids are teens. Is this program a good fit for me?

First, a joke:

Q: Do you know the difference between toddlers and teens?

A: Teenagers have hormones and wheels.

The principles being taught are relevant to parents of kids of all ages. The themes that parents of teens face aren’t much different than those of toddlers, but everything feels like more of a high-stakes game.  I’ll ask you how old your kids are and adjust my stories and examples to the ages represented in the class. There will likely be more parents of younger children participating, but since I’m a parent of teens, I have a special place in my heart for you and will address teen issues as well as little kids. This program is more of a general paradigm for creating connected families. The next course I develop will be specific to the needs of parents of teens. In finding your parenting accountability pod, you’ll be able to join up with other parents of older kids. The live Q&A’s can address questions about teens.  Teen issues are relevant to younger kids’ parents because if we’re lucky, toddlers will eventually become teens, and how we handle the early years has a massive impact on how the teen years roll.

What parenting models do you teach?

I’ve been a Certified Independent Instructor of Love and Logic classes since 1999 and my own parenting experiences are rooted in being a “Love and Logic Mom.” I value many of their approaches and there are other valuable models to consider.

I have Level One training in DDP (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy) with Dan Hughes. This is an affirming, strengths-based approach to working with children who have experienced trauma that is applicable to all children.

I’m a trained EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) therapist, so I apply my understanding of trauma and triggers to my work with parents.

I have been inspired by the following books (not an inclusive list and in no particular order) 

  • Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Kr. Laura Markham
  • The Awakened Family by Shefali Tsabary, PhD
  • Scream Free Parenting by Hal Runkel, LMFT
  • The Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant Child by Alan Kazdin, PhD.
  • No-Drama Discipline by Dan Siegel, PhD
  • Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain by Dan Siegel, PhD
  • Parenting from the Inside Out: How a Deeper Understanding Can Help You Raise Children Who Thrive
  • 5 Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman
  • The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis, PhD
  • Our Share of Night, Our Share of Morning: Parenting as a Spiritual Journey by Nancy Fuchs
  • How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elain Mazlish
  • Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys by Michael Thompson, PhD
  • The Family Virtues Guide: Simple Ways to Bring Out the Best in Our Children and Ourselves by Linda Kavelin Popov
What sort of therapist are you?

I’m a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in the State of Colorado who specializes in working with parents.

As a strengths-based systems therapist, I think about how the “one” impacts the “whole” and vice versa. In my private practice, I work with individuals, couples and families. To learn more about me as a therapist, I’d suggest checking out the THERAPY page on my website.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the things I’m going to need to watch and learn inside this program. I don’t know if I have time.

I hear you. I understand how much pressure is on parents’ time these days. I will commit to you to not drag out lessons longer than they need to be. I’ll say what I need to say and call it good. I plan to tell stories and invite engagement through chat and other activities during the live classes. 

I understand that this course takes time. My personal experience has been that learning new approaches to parenting and managing myself has resulted in freeing up time in the long term because I stop getting sucked into battles with my kids which leave me feeling depleted and less effective at getting anything done.

What if I’m sick of Zoom?

Aren’t we all?  If we could be in person, we would. But then you’d have to get a babysitter and spend time battling traffic to get to my class in southeast Denver. If you don’t live nearby, that would be a pretty big drive! So Zoom and Facebook it is. Sorry. Blame the pandemic.

Even though we’ll be meeting on Zoom and FB Live, we CAN still get to know each other and have conversations back and forth. You CAN develop friendships with the folks in your parenting accountability pod and feel supported. If you watch the classes while you’re working out or if you listen while driving or walking… I support doing what it takes to take care of yourself while committing some time to develop new skills for the most important job there is.

Do you have a diversity statement?

Yes. I want all course participants to feel valued, appreciated, and free to be who they are. I am committed to preventing discrimination against anyone regardless of race, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, neurodiversity, disability status, citizenship, or any other aspect which makes them unique. I am intentional about using inclusive language and will do all I can to avoid committing micro-aggressions. If I mess up, I will hope for the opportunity to repair. Any participants who demonstrate disrespect for others will be asked to leave the class.

Don’t you have a book I can just read?

Want my honest answer? 

  1. There are plenty of smart people who have written great books. Just take a look at the mountain of those books on your nightstand if you don’t believe me. Am I right?
  2. Personally, I sort of think it’s immoral to write hefty books for parents to read after a long day of parenting. I’d rather that you have an EXPERIENCE with some laughter, some tears, hear some stories, interact with other parents and get your questions answered. Even then it can be challenging to make lasting behavior changes, but it’s so much more likely when you’ve had an EXPERIENCE that locks in the learning.
  3. YES! I do have a book. You can find it here. It’s a “tiny book.” Short, sweet, and to the point about how to create bubbles of calm in the chaos of parenthood. But this course is so much more than that. It’s part parenting class, part self-improvement workshop, part couples retreat.
Will any of this take the place of therapy?

This course definitely NOT therapy. But it can be therapeutic.  Think of it like a warm, accepting place for you to be the real you and learn about the stuff that matters – family – from someone who has invested her entire career in helping people foster healthy relationships with themselves and others.

I’ve seen some less expensive online courses. Why is yours more?

I’ve seen them too, and I’ve checked them out. Some of them are decent, and some are out-dated and hard to watch. My aim is not to “sell” you on anything. My aim is to share who I am and what my course is about… and if you feel drawn, like I’m speaking to YOU, like we are a good fit, then I hope we get to work together.

One other consideration is that this course is taught by a Parentologist who specializes in the experience of parenting, both personally and professionally. I’m also a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and certified independent instructor of Love and Logic® content and have training in numerous other models for helping children. Oh. And perhaps most importantly, I’m a mom and stepmom. To six kids.

Mostly, I just want to see you grow and find more peace with your parenting.

Classes fill up quickly.  I will have a new class starting soon.

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Still “thinking about it”?

I’d suggest giving “Parent Without Losing Your Mind” a 14-day risk-free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following:

You’ve always been successful when you set out to do something…. school, sports, activities, jobs. Now you’re staring at this young person – whom you love with your entire being – and what you’re doing isn’t working. You’re not showing up as the parent you thought you’d be. But you are open to learning and you know that it’s about more than parenting skills – it’s also about who you are as a person and how solid your marriage/partnership is.

You’re tired of feeling guilty about how you treat your child at times. 

You underestimated the impact raising kids would have on your marriage.

You so dearly want to know how to help your kids navigate their big emotions.

You’re DETERMINED not to repeat patterns from previous generations.

You’re worried about raising spoiled or entitled kids.

If this is you, then this is the course for you. It’s for REAL parents who are IMPERFECT and doing their best to do right by their kids, themselves and their partners. This course is where you can take your coat off, get a virtual hug and talk about the REAL stuff of parenting, adulting and partnering. I’m here for you. Think of me like a big sister (without the baggage of actually being your sister) and I’m a trained therapist.

If any of the motivating factors had you nodding your head – I invite you to sign up today with a 14-day risk-free guarantee.

What are my classes like? This clip is from my in-person classes (oh, how I miss those days….) but the feel will be the same.


I cannot wait to guide you over these next 5 weeks….

Growing in my own parenting and self-awareness has literally transformed my life.

I’ve experienced first hand what it feels like to transform from being an overwhelmed, uncertain, tapped-out mom crying on the floor in my closet to feeling like a strong, wise, powerful mama bear with my heart too big for my body as I reach up to hug tight one of my smiling, grown-up sons who is happy to see me.

More than anything else, I want to share that with you today.

If you’re a parent who wants to get this right and is willing to look inside and do the work of changing patterns and thoughts, I’d be honored to walk this walk with you. I think of myself as a loving big sister who has learned a lot and who doesn’t judge but just loves and teaches. Even though I mostly work with parents, at the end of the day, it’s all about the children.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next 5 weeks will be life-changing for you and your family. And I guarantee that I will bring everything I can to this program to support your journey.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside Parenting Without Losing Your Mind.

With love and laughter,

Classes fill up quickly.  I will have a new class starting soon.

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