Hi, I’m Palmer

Youth Grit Coach

My spark for life turns into a roaring flame when I am given the chance to meet people where they are and bring to life their passions and strengths.

Through my experiences in life thus far, I understand the struggles that come with growing up and discovering one’s true self while carrying the weight of being a teenager or young adult. I have also learned that cultivating an unshakeable confidence in oneself can make all the difference when you are growing, learning and making tough decisions as a young person. My calling has led me to walk alongside teenagers and young adults as they find their path in life and discover what it means to own their journey.

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Time Management

If my younger self wasn’t the poster child for procrastination and terrible time management, I don’t want to meet the person who was. After years of trial and error, I have begun to see the impact that a well-managed schedule can have. I’ve picked up a few tricks for helping those chronic procrastinators that just might get the job done.

Vision Setting

One of the biggest causes for feelings of hopelessness and uncertainty comes from a lack of vision, if we don’t know where we want to go we are bound to go astray. Not all paths are right for everyone, and one of the best ways to light the fire within is to take the time to plan it out with a good structure.

Self Talk

Who do we spend the most time with? It’s not your parents, your friends, or your teachers. Its yourself! Most of us wouldn’t be friends with someone if they spoke to us the way we do to ourselves. We can either build ourselves up to accomplish anything we set our minds to, or we can break down our self-confidence to the point that even getting up in the morning feels like moving a mountain. While it can feel weird at first, discovering the power of self-talk can turn the voice that was once was Mr. Mediocrity into a source of perseverance and positivity. 

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

This is the rapidly increasing concept that some feel is more important than IQ. Emotional intelligence is not something we learn in school, but it is an incredible concept. The discovery and nurturing of EQ in a teenager can greatly improve their self-awareness, self-management, motivation, empathy and relationship management.


All of us are already incredibly consistent with many habits. Unfortunately, more often than not until one takes ownership of their time those habits don’t push us any further towards our goals, and more likely cause us to become stagnant. Nearly everything we do is a habit so why not figure out how to turn that already mastered skill of habits into serving the mission of accomplishing our goals and allowing life to be breathed into our passions.