Parent Coaching

As a “Parentologist,” I provide coaching for parents of children of all ages who want to make their families more emotionally healthy. Online (during COVID) or in my office, we focus on behavioral objectives such as effective limit-setting, consequences and techniques to create more joy at home. I also address how to nurture children and navigate challenging situations. Parent coaching can help fine-tune your skills or get on the same page with your partner.

Parents can also use parent coaching services to help navigate the divorce process. I work with parents on how to best meet the needs of the children as the parent goes through this challenging time. I have served as an expert witness in divorce-related legal proceedings in the following Colorado counties: Denver, Jefferson County, Boulder, San Miguel, and Arapahoe.

Dear Children,

I love you more than life itself, but I ain’t sad when you go to bed.



– Amy Wentherly

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  • “Kerry had a very warm delivery; personable, and tried-and-true. Wonderful content delivered in a transparent way. Held my attention!”

    -Mother of girl, 3

  • We love that you gave us things to implement right away, it made us feel very hopeful, and we are thankful for that and for you.

    Emma, mom of boys 8 and 6

  • Kerry created a comfortable environment where everyone feels okay to share and ask questions. She presents the material in an interesting way. She does a great job of monitoring time and tailoring class to what was useful and relevant to us. Great job of answering questions, but keeping the class focused.

    Annie and Jake, parents of teenage girls

  • "I’m definitely a happier parent! My time with my kids has become more enjoyful and valuable."

    Mother of boy 5 and girl 3

  • "I feel more confident! Because of that, I enjoy my child more and have more fun."

    Mother of 17 month old

  • "After taking the class, I feel I can remain mature and not fall to my child’s level of anger and frustration."

    Mother of eleven year old girl

  • “Kerry has spoken some of the most inspirational, helpful and practical advice I’ve heard in years!  Thank you!” 

    Christine, mother daughters 3 & 5 years old

  • “I really liked how Kerry was open to all different parenting styles and needs during the class.  She was able to hear from everyone and I felt connected to her and the other people in the class”

    Mother of 3 year old

  • “I appreciated that Kerry’s a parent herself and uses these techniques.  She was able to tell us what works and what doesn’t, which made the class feel authentic.”


  • “Kerry helped me understand how to approach situations differently and be more patient.  She opened my eyes to a new and more peaceful way of parenting”