“When I first held my little newborn babe in

my arms and felt my heart well up with love,

I had no idea what was in store for me.”

Little did I know that this little angel, the delight of my days, would be the same little creature who would push me to the absolute limit of my patience and sense of humor.

This innocent little boy, a mere three years later, had made me face more frustration, rage, and inadequacy than I had ever known.  Now that he and his two little brothers are stepping into adulthood, I’ve been through the wringer in more ways than I ever expected.

Parenting small children is an incredibly demanding job. Parents must be on task, all the time. A parent cannot put parenting needs on the “to do” pile; rather, the diaper has to be changed NOW, the hungry baby needs to be fed NOW, the biting toddler needs to be stopped NOW. There’s not much thanks, either; rather than thanking me for keeping him clean, my baby would squirm and kick and roll over in the middle of a diaper change. The job is constant… no lunch breaks, no quiet drives in the car, not even potty breaks!

It has been my experience that even though I have read countless parenting books and taken numerous parenting classes, when I am pushed to my limit, all those great parenting ideas that I read about go flying out the window and I find and myself yelling at my kids and saying things I wish I hadn’t said… unless I keep my cup filled.

One way to combat this is for moms to learn some tips, tricks and skills to help them preserve their sanity, “fill their cups” and have a little more fun and sanity during the intense years of parenting young children.

 Just like every new parent, Kerry had no idea about the joy and chaos that lay ahead.

Kerry’s new book has helped me re-discover the joy and peace I had lost. Sanity Savers is probably the most practical parenting book I have ever read. Kerry shares simple life savers I have incorporated into my daily routine and she has made me a better parent.

Mom…3 year old twins

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