Therapist Spotlight: Debbie Bassett

Debbie is a trained and experienced marriage and family therapist of Kerry Stutzman and Associates. She is a licensed psychologist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Post-Masters Degree in School Psychology. Her clients receive numerous effective, strength-based methodologies to tackle personal and relational needs and goals.

What’s your therapy philosophy? 

I hold a Humanistic perspective, looking at the whole person and emphasizing my client’s positive qualities for growth and healing. We move at the client’s pace and in line with his/her values and goals. This way, the client feels improvement in his/her relationships and quality of life. 

What do you specialize in? 

I view myself as specializing in two areas; one with children and teens, and two as a therapist strengthening and healing relational systems (families, school dynamics, couples, and so on). My young clients work on self-awareness, understanding and skill building for difficulties in anxiety, depression, decreased self-esteem, anger and social skills. I also have specialty training in trauma, executive functioning (ADHD), and the gifted population. To promote healing and empowerment in systems, I work with parents, couples and individuals on attachment styles, helpful communication, parenting ideas, relational pitfalls and new, loving techniques for moving forward.

What are three adjectives that describe you as a therapist? 

Compassionate, Curious, and Creative

What’s a therapy tool you use yourself? 

EMDR and the 5-4-3-2-1 grounding

What’s one thing you might share with someone who has never been to therapy? 

Therapy can serve multiple purposes; time to get new ideas or strategies, heal wounds that continually get activated, or even just time to vent from all the week’s noise. It doesn’t have to look one way. Everyone deserves to feel their best – to feel understood, stronger, and supported. It’s okay to search for the right therapist fit and to give oneself permission to be heard, slow down, and work on things that matter to the self.

What is a common misconception about therapy? 

That it’s for “crazy” people or with “big problems.” The truth is that therapy is for everyone. Mental health is part of overall health and therapy, which indicates a person is carving out time for something he/she values and want to invest in; a relationship, child, or even oneself.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

 I’m a mother of a teen, double black belt, outside seeker, and long-time feeler. Cultural humility is key for me, and I support and welcome all cultures, identities, and partnerships. I use compassion, humor, creativity, and updated and continuous education to help my clients. From EMDR to talk therapy to playing with sand trays, all parts and feelings are welcome and belong in the time my clients and I have together.


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