Ugh…I just need a break!

There never seems to be enough time in the day to get things done. You know, all those little things outside of wiping butts, making lunches, helping with homework, building your teens’ character by saying, “NO,” and doing something that pulls at your time and attention.

But, Oh Honey, let me tell you…

Trying to “find” pockets of time to relax, regroup, and refocus simply may not be the best solution. Ever heard someone tell you to go to a spa or get a massage? That’s what we’re supposed to do, right? 

Do you want to guess how many unused spa gift certificates I have laying around somewhere? Most days, it’s just unrealistic to slip away for a half-day or more. But, hey, I’d be happy to go to the bathroom uninterrupted. 

As parents, we have to take advantage of the little moments. We need those short blocks of time to recharge, even if it’s just for 3 minutes. 

I want to share the little moment I had today with you. So click on the video below and take a quick 1-minute break with me. 

Now, click here and tell me how you will intentionally take advantage of your little moments. 

Can you really force your child to behave?

Can you really force your child to behave?

Why can't they just listen, sit down calmly, and do what you say?  How many times do you have to plead or even raise your voice to say... "Don't put that in your hair!" "Stop bouncing the ball off the wall because daddy is sleeping," or "Quit jumping...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The very fact that you are reading this blog post tells me you are conscious about your parenting. I believe one of the noblest things we parents can do for this planet is to raise children who feel seen, known, and loved. I want to thank you from my heart for the...

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