Uh-Oh Song Works for a Toddler

My one year old would always get into the dog food.  He wasn’t responding to my “No’s.”  So I decided to take action using the Love and Logic “Uh Oh Song.”

He would crawl to the dog food and I’d say “Uh oh, looks like a little quiet time”  and place him in his high-chair.    I repeated this process several times over the next 2 weeks.

Now when my little guy crawls to the food, he looks at me, shakes his head and says “uh oh”  and crawls away.

I was amazed to see how quickly he picked up on what he’s not supposed to do and removed himself from the situation instead of Mommy having to remove him.

It feels good knowing I can say something else besides “No” and not lecture or get frustrated with the situation.

Shout out today to great fathers!

Shout out today to great fathers!

There are so many of you. You are great in such diverse ways. Some of you are no longer with us but your good fathering lives on in your children. Today, I celebrate dads and the positive impact you have on the young people you are parenting ... along with the other...

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