Which is Better: Drinking & Driving OR Drinking & Texting?

According to statistics, we are better off drinking and driving in front of our kids than we are texting or otherwise looking at our phones while driving.

In this day and age, there are more crashes caused by phone distractions than by drinking and driving. And society is full of messages about not drinking and driving, so they learn that’s a bad idea. But texting? Talking? Looking at your phone? Kids think that’s normal behavior because that’s what their parents do. Besides putting our and their lives at risk by looking at our phones when we drive, we put our kids’ lives at risk by modeling deadly, dangerous behavior that they will adopt when they get behind the wheel.

I’ve struggled through the agony of cleaning up my act while I drive. Care to join me? It only hurts for a little while. Then it actually starts to feel good to not be busy while driving. I also don’t miss my near-misses.

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