What kind of plant are you?

What are your ideal conditions to thrive?

You know how when you go to the garden store to pick out plants, you have to make sure you get the right plant for the right environment? Not too much sun, not too much shade. Sometimes I fall in love with a plant that is labeled “full shade.” I just can’t have it because […]

What Vexes Parents

Mom holding toddler during a tantrum

A friend and talk show host asked me this week what 5 issues vex most parents. That’s a pretty big question! I’m going to share the view through my lens today and in the next several Sunday emails. I’d love to know if you resonate. I’ve shared the podcast below. Certainly, one issue that vexes […]

Self-care, self-love. Drinking and peeing.

Mom with kids walking in the woods

If you are reading this email, you probably joined my list because. Chances are you have found that parenting stretches you in ways you didn’t see coming. I’m betting that you want your children to feel absolutely loved, cherished, and adored by you, down to their core. I salute you! You have lucky kids. But […]

Our job is to be a better parent than those who raised us

Sometimes my job hurts my heart. I see it mostly with couples who come in to address conflicting parenting styles. One parent tends to go to nurture first; the other goes to firmness. Nurture and firmness: kids need both. Empathy connects It’s not too hard to teach the “nurture” parent how to follow their gentleness with […]